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                 Welcome to the Salty City Hostel!

Hello Traveller!

When you are visiting Salty City, there's only one place to stay!

Salty City Backpackers is a modern, clean, state of the art place to park your pack.

We offer various styles of accommodation including large air conditioned dorms, smaller mixed and single sex dorms, also doubles and ensuite rooms.

Our kitchens have to be seen to be believed! - We have everything you need (you just have to bring the food!) We also have a large BBQ if you prefer, and there are indoor and outdoor dining areas.

You can relax in our pool or take in spectacular sunsets from our spacious deck which boasts views to the hinterland!

Of course we have the usual things you would expect like security lockers in your room, a common room with TV, video, pool table, free boogie boards, laundry, a travel desk & tour info and internet facilities.

So when in Salty City stay at the best and most central backpackers - we're just across the road from the Salty City Lake and right in the heart of the Harz. 

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