Baking Course


Time: every Sunday from 2pm - 5pm

Costs: 5 Euro

What we do: scones, cakes, bread, biscuits, rolls, tarts



Pub Crawl Tour in Braunschweig


Time: every Saturday night from 9 pm - till 4 am

Costs: 10 Euro

What we do: pick up in front of the hostel at 9 pm from our special party bus, we'll go to different pubs and bars (free entry everywhere), dink and make party, the bus picks us up at 3.30 am in Braunschweig



Guided Mountainbike Tour


Time: every Thursday from 9 am till 5 pm

Costs: 5 Euro

What we do: driving with the bikes to the beautiful city of Goslar right in the Harz, having lunch there and free time for shopping and visiting the city, driving back to Salzgitter, bike tour: 50 km



Trips to Braunschweig, Salty City Lake and the Jägermeister Company


We also offer several trips to Braunschweig, Salty City Lake and the Jägermeister Company. Just come to our tour desk and we will answer every question and looking forward to find the best trip for you.

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